WowMomThis is not so much a WowMom tip, but more of a confession.  
I am the world’s worst blogger. For work, my agency constantly reviews websites and blogs to see which has relevant content. We cast a disapproving eye when we notice sites that haven’t been updated in weeks if not months. Yet here sits my own little neglected site. So many ideas and genuine intent but yet it has no new posts since…I don’t even dare say!!! Part of me feels guilty but another part has justified it as a true example of motherhood in itself. Yes, we want to do it all…but sometimes it just isn’t possible.

Two years ago I almost pushed myself to the point of insanity trying to do too much. Luckily I realized it and made changes to my workload, lifestyle and just general outlook. I’ve been running my own PR agency for 10 years now.  I stress over clients and deadlines, I have two young kids, a house in constant state of disarray…there’s an endless list of daily chores, dishes to wash, dinners to cook, laundry to fold, and more work to finish. Minus a few plants that have died in neglect, I think I’m not doing so bad of a job. Kids are fed, show signs of mental alertness, house hasn’t been declared a disaster zone yet, and I think that man hidden under the piles of laundry IS my husband…See? It’s all good. We’re all accounted for and that’s what matters. I’m slowly learning to let go of the guilt and pressure to do it all, be perfect or whatever it is we’re supposed to be. And yes, if that means I haven’t updated my website in awhile it also means I’ve succeeded in keeping others areas of my chaotic life in somewhat order (minus those dead plants of course).

The WowMom is not about the perfect mom. It’s about real women, our stories, our experiences, successes and failures included. Although I don’t update it as much as I wish I could, working on this site has been personally fulfilling. Each time I share a WowMom profile, it reminds me that I am not alone on this crazy ride. Everyone who has participated has shared a valuable lesson. The tales warm my heart, console me and make me laugh. It’s basically cheap therapy. I am grateful to these women who share their a glimpse of their mommy life with me and all of you.

So that’s my confession. My blogging sometimes sucks but I will continue to power forward. There WILL be more posts, there WILL be new features. I have tons of plans for The WowMom…and maybe one day those ideas will see the light of day. For now, please enjoy whatever few posts I am able to muster up and know that I am grateful to have you share in this WowMommy experience with me.

                                                                     xoxo  Tuti




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