Suzanne and her son, Moses


A frequent contributor to local publications like the Montreal Gazette, fashion and features writer Suzanne Wexler is now spending most of her time enjoying her baby Moses and working on her humour essays, getting launched in the U.S. along with other personal projects.

Secrets of a WOWMOM
We put a treadmill in our basement—it was a Black Friday impulse buy. So when I was cleared to exercise 6 weeks after Moses was born, I managed to get myself on that thing almost every day, walking, running, or crawling if I had to. Because of it, I never went stir crazy staying inside all winter long. (Pssst, my other secret: After my c-section we hired a night nurse to get us through the first few weeks. She was amazing, just like Mary Poppins. Sure it was expensive, but I look back on those first few months and I think ahhh, so relaxing!)

What inspires me
My baby, my husband, and Nora Ephron. Her spirit lives on in my copy of I Feel Bad About My Neck. In fact, she just reminded me to add one more person to this list: My mom, the most beautiful, wonderful, positive woman in the world. (Thanks, Nora!)

My sanity saviour (tips & time savers)
“Baby time”, i.e. keeping fully focused attention on Moses during our playtime, feedings, etc. No phones, idevices or Googling. That way, when work takes me away, I feel I’ve gotten all my precious eye gazing time in.

My best WOWMOM advice
Appreciate the daddy. Anyway you can.

My WOW moment
Moses on my lap. Puppy curled at my feet. Dave, my husband, tending to the roaring fire. I never knew life could be so cozy.

My not-so WOW moment
So remember that part about getting on the treadmill almost every day? Well, add a few agonizing Tracy Anderson videos to that scene. Now picture me all sweaty-faced on my scale, ready for my triumph. Except, my weight doesn’t change. 1 week, 2 weeks go by… 5 WEEKS, 6 WEEKS. Nada! I’m still ONE-HUNDRED AND **&!VW-M^ pounds. Sure, the ounces flickers about, but I’m pretty sure that’s my breastmilk supply varying. Moral of the story: I learned patience, and developed a newfound sympathy for those who swear that exercise and diets don’t work for them. It’s true. Sometimes your body isn’t ready. And that’s wonderful.

Keeping it WOW (how not to lose yourself)
Allow stress to be a passing emotion, not a state of mind—and certainly not a personality trait.

Favourite MOMent of the day
Staring into Moses’ sweet smiling face, and then getting a huge whiff of his most adorable, delicious-smelling baby breathe. Yum!! Better than freshly baked cookies.

Does balance exist?
Of course balance exists. But it’s only impressive if you’re head is in the clouds at least half the time :-).

My guardian angel

The last time I laughed out loud
Moses’ poopy explosion a few hours ago. It went on his feet, hands, everywhere. I’m not sure why I found it so hilarious. Maybe it’s cuz he thought it was a riot.

Words Of Wisdom (Mom’s message to My Kids)
Whatever happens in life, and however many creeps you meet out there, remember you’re a happy, sweet, smart, good boy down to the core, and have been since the day you were born. Find good people like yourself and keep them close to your heart.

Fave things, places and sanity savers for WOWMOMS!

1.  Quinny Moodd Britto stroller: I managed to plow heaps of snow outta our driveway using this superstar stroller. And by superstar, I mean Giselle has the exact same one with the limited-edition Britto pattern (cough, cough).

2.  Safety 1st True View Camera baby monitor: Though I’ve had this monitor for months, I first peered into its screen last week and I’m MEGA hooked. Admittedly, it’s not *just* about Moses’ safety.  I basically enjoy watching him play in his crib. Like right now he’s gnawing on Sophie La Girafe. Uh oh—forget that! What he’s really after his the tag on his stuffed lion. Weeeee! I mean, time to unravel this rolled up swaddle! I’m telling you, it’s the best movie ever. Slightly avant-garde, almost no narrative, but visually exhilarating.

3.  Sophie La Girafe: I’m writing this because I didn’t “get” the hoopla with this thing at first. In fact, I found it odd that we kept receiving this girl giraffe as a gift for our baby BOY— not that I’m into gender-biased toys or anything. But the verdict: Sophie is a teething toy!! (Cue crowd sound: Ohhhhhhh!) Her long neck makes it easy to get all those hard to reach places. Moses got his first two teeth at 4 months, so while I’m not going to pretend Sophie’s a total lifesaver (see next item on this list), she’s definitely has her place.

4.  Baby Advil. Using sparingly, but use. Lasts longer than baby Tylenol for ouchy teething mouths.

5. MotherLove Nipple Cream. Haven’t used this since I started breastfeeding Moses 6 months ago, but back then I rubbed on this stuff hourly. I mean OUCH, breastfeeding really hurts at first. For the first 30 seconds of his latch, one word kept repeating in my head: JESUS! (never mind that I’m Jewish). But after 3 weeks the pain subsided and I was good to go—am still going, in fact. This cream helped me get there. (Incidentally, that Lanolin stuff they give you in the hospital works for the shower, but is too slippery before feedings).

6.  Gently Used Anything. Books, baby carriers, jumpers, glider chairs, onesies, a crib, you name it, we borrowed it. Most people wanted this stuff out of their garage, but also only at arms length, in case they had another baby. So find a neat freak, be mindful not to trash their stuff, gently re-use, and be ready to return upon request. It’ll save you a bundle, and is nice on the conscience too.

7.  Petit Bateau ANYTHING. Now that I confess to loving used, I just didn’t want you thinking I was a hippie or something (!!). But seriously, these waaaaay over-priced made-in-France (well, Morocco’s close to France) nautical baby clothes are adorable and gender neutral. Because of them, I’ve decided I can’t stand cars, trucks, or baseball bats on my son’s clothes. I’m not sure it’s because they promote stereotypes, or because they’re just plain tacky compared to these sweet duds.

8.  What? this list is over? I have to pick my final fav product now? Hmmmm… that means choosing between my nursing pillow, which was crucial for post c-section breastfeeding(sorry no brand name. It was a loaner and the tag is all rubbed out); Pottery Barn Kids black-out blinds –-while the gingham is major cute, it’s really the last part of that sentence that matters most; OR, my Moving Comfort sports bra, because I never needed a sports bra in my life, but with my breastfeeding gazongas, now I need the full motherlode. Decisions, decisions.. Lemme stare into this baby monitor while I mull it over… then maybe off to Nora Gray for our grown-up dinner date—because that’s my real saviour of course. Chow bellas xx.


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