Sonia Zarbatany

Sonia Zarbatany with her baby girl Mia

Executive Vice-President, Vince Camuto Canada and Zarby Inc.

“I’m just going to pop this baby out and I’ll be back at the office with her within 2 weeks.” Those were my words a week before having the baby. But the second Mia came into my life that game plan completely changed…I haven’t been back to the office for more than a few hours at a time and I have been working from home during Mia’s nap times.

I was raised in the fashion industry and today our company Zarby Inc. licenses several clothing, footwear and accessory brands across Canada such as Vince Camuto. I am constantly travelling to the US, Canada and Europe for different fashion markets and to preview our newest collections. In my ‘spare time’ I enjoy giving back and helping others so as a part-time life coach in the US, I am able to help others achieve the career and personal goals they wish to attain in their lives.

My personal life is however my greatest source of joy!  I am engaged to the man of my life, my true best friend and perfect fit, I have 3 stepsons, Emanuel 17, Eitan 15 and Noah 9 who I fell in love with from day one. There is no one I rather workout with, travel with, take out or spend my nights talking to then those 3 boys. My life got even more complete when less than a month after our engagement I found out I was pregnant and on April 19th we added a baby girl to our family.

When Mia was born, our family was truly complete and I received the most beautiful blessing I could ever dream of. Now my parents finally have their first granddaughter, my in-laws have their first girl in the family, the boys have their baby sister, my fiancé has his princess and I have my baby girl!

Secrets of a WOWMOM
Stay who you were before the baby but with a greater glow and a bigger smile! Take time for yourself, for your husband and family and enjoy every minute of the baby’s firsts, because those first great moments will not last.

What inspires me
Incredible women who are fantastic mothers to their children – Soccer mom’s during the day, who run successful businesses and who can slip into a great dress and pair of heels when the babies are in bed to maintain their social life.

My sanity saviour (tips & time savers)
THE GYM! That one hour I take for myself to sweat it out, work hard and kick my butt in the gym is priceless to me! My ipad next to my rocking chair so I can respond to emails while I breastfeed. My nanny, who allows me to put Mia down to bed and go enjoy a night out with my fiance while the baby sleeps or sneak out to the gym for an hour.

My best WOWMOM advice
Playdates should start from day one! Even if the babies are too young to notice they are having a playdate the mom’s definitely do. Happy mommy = happy baby, I talk to Mia all day long, she is my best buddy and with the oohs and aahs she responds with, I know she’s right there with me. Always remember that playdates are not just for mommy’s and baby’s but be sure daddy gets a playdate too.

My WOW moment
Leaving for a wedding at 5:30pm for the cocktail reception, then sneaking out when the ceremony began to run home, give Mia her bath, breastfeed and put her to bed and then slipping back into my dress and heels to sneak back into the wedding just as the ceremony was finishing and the dinner was about to begin…shhhhhh our little secret!

My not-so WOW moment
Every time I breast pump… there is no way to look glam with 2 automatic breast pumps going.

Keeping it WOW (how not to lose yourself)
Schedule your time! And take much needed “you time”. Get your nails done, hit the gym, have a spa date with your girls, get a massage… The happier you are, the better mom, wife, friend and employer you will be.

Favourite MOMent of the day
When my fiancé brings Mia in our bed at 7am and we get to play and cuddle with her in bed until 9:30am…Priceless!

Does balance exist?
Absolutely. But so do priorities. Work used to be my priority and I never thought I would be able to leave my office or not travel for a month and now that my priority is my little girl and my family, my business is still running great and I have learnt to delegate and work from home. But the second I hear Mia is hungry or needs her mom, the conference call is over and I am back on Mommy duty.

My guardian angel

The last time I laughed out loud
5 mins ago and so many times every day! 5 min ago my daughter made me laugh when she was having an intense “talk” with her friend the stuffed bunny. Last night, my stepsons made me laugh when we watched Kevin Hart together. We love him! And my girlfriends make me laugh when they call me to explain in great detail their date night adventures.

Words Of Wisdom (Mom’s message to My Kids)
Stay humble. Don’t take anything for granted. Always appreciate everything you have. Stay in school as long as you can, don’t worry you have the rest of your life to work! Always give back, it’s always better to be on the giving then the receiving side as you will never get poor by giving. Don’t take yourself too seriously; always take a moment to laugh. And in case of uncertainty… Mom always knows best.

Fave things, places and sanity savers for WOWMOMS!

1.  My APC hardcore workouts. The gym is my sanity keeper!

2.  Boi-ing Concealer… my lack of sleep is no one else’s business 😉

3.  Iphone, ipad, laptop… when she naps, I get to work.

4.  Almond Milk Lattes… a must to get my caffeine fix.

5.  Uppa Baby stroller, the second the sun is out…so are we.

6.  Playdates! Love em! Every week the kids get to “play” and so do us mommies.

7. My Motorola duel camera wireless video baby monitor. Allows me to take my freedom of movement around the house to the next level.


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