Rhianna Weaver

Rhianna Weaver with her husband, Mike, and her two children Owen and Ella

Mom, Freelance PR, Special Project, Cast of Hockey Wives.

After being home with our kids for 7 years and after having travelled North America for the past year with my husband Mike Weaver, who has recently retired from the NHL, I have returned to the workforce! I began doing freelance work at Bestseller Canada and the joined the cast for Hockey Wives on the W Network. It has been a wild and exciting ride and I am excited for more opportunities!

I feel very close to my children. Owen is 7 and Ella is 4. Like all relationships, sometimes they drive me nuts! But what I love so much about being with them is how fun, funny, energetic and sweet they are. We are really fortunate in that we – the four us – laugh easily and often together.

Secrets of a WOWMOM
No secrets but I do believe a few things: do what works for you and your family. Try and balance “Me” time with family time. Never compare yourself to anyone else. It doesn’t matter just do what feels good for you and your family.

What inspires me
Working and having a mix of my own aspirations and goals. Getting back into my career has been really inspiring for me, and of course, spending major quality time with my husband and kids inspires me.

My sanity saviour (tips & time savers)
I must say, even though I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I give my kids iPads when I need to relax, make a phone call, or clean up. It just feels easy that way some times!

My best WOWMOM advice
Do the best you can do and what works for you and your family. Never compare yourself to anyone else because you have no idea what’s going on in their family.

My WOW moment
Being alone with a 6 year old and an almost 3 year old for 3 months when my husband got traded from the Florida Panthers to the Montreal Canadiens. I did everything alone. My daughter’s teeth even got knocked out by my son’s hockey stick! It was a crazy time in our lives but after that experience I realized I could do anything!

My not-so WOW moment
I remember being pregnant with Ella (and I do not do pregnancy well). I was so tired and my very active son was 3. I remember taking him to his activities and getting home when I became violently ill and starting vomiting in the sink. My son was confused and started laughing at me. I remember being so hormonal and overwhelmed that I just broke down and started crying.

Keeping it WOW (how not to lose yourself)
If you’re a stay-at-home mom, try to get a babysitter or family member to watch the kids 1-3 mornings a week and do something for yourself. You need to remember you are on duty 24/7 and it’s okay to ask for help.

Favourite MOMent of the day
When the kids are sleeping… HAHA! I love Sunday mornings because it’s quiet and we have the freedom of no schedule or activities. We sometimes wear our pajamas till noon and then start our day!

Does balance exist?
Balance exists now that my husband has retired from the NHL and I have started working Freelance. I get to be a mom, wife and a business woman! It was hard to have balance when Mike was playing and I was living in different cities and was the sole caregiver for my kids. Yes, I had some babysitters but it was not the same as having Mike with me.

My guardian angel
This would be my mom. She watches the kids so my husband and I can take a vacation or so that I can have a girls’ weekend. She has even flown in to take care of the kids when I’ve been sick.

The last time I laughed out loud
I try to bring laughter into our lives daily! I laugh whenever I go to work. I also had an uncontrollable laughter one day when I was filming for Hockey Wives and Tiffany Parros and I could not get a word out for 15 mins because we were laughing uncontrollably.

Words Of Wisdom (Mom’s message to My Kids)
To always follow what feels good to you. Who cares what people say or do, be clear and confident with your choices and remember that you can’t make mistakes. Life is short and it’s supposed to be fun. If you have a bad experience just learn from it and move on. Enjoy the journey and I will always be here to help and guide you 🙂

Fave things, places and sanity savers for WOWMOMS!

1.  Radford Beauty Products and Facials in Toronto. Lifesaver for my skin and it’s affordable

2. My tennis Bracelet.

3. IPhone, I love having access to a camera and video all the time.

4. A Good Blow-dry Bar.

5. Daily Quotes from Abraham Hicks publications.

6. Our home in Florida. We have a great group of friends in Florida and enjoy the beach and visiting a few times a year.

7. I love trying new restaurants. I love food and wine. They bring me joy

8. My Classic Quilted Caviar leather Chanel Bag.

*** WowMom Note: Don’t forget to watch Rhianna in the W Network’s “Hockey Wives”!


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