Orla Johannes

Orla Johannes and her son George

Radio & TV Host

A recognized voice on the airwaves and a face that can be seen on film and TV, Orla spends her time between Montreal and Toronto.  She has been on Montreal’s most popular radio stations: CJAD, CHOM FM and VIRGIN RADIO and her signature British accent has been heard throughout North America on commercials.

Orla’s love for ‘food and wine’ gave her great pleasure hosting her radio talk show ‘Tabletalk’ on 940 Montreal.  She has also thrilled audiences over years as Co-Host with Mose Persico and Fashion Reporter on CTV’s “Entertainment Spotlight”. Showing true diversity, her passion for fashion also carried her talent from television to Fashion Editor of Yu Magazine.

Now Orla is embarking on a new venture: being a mom!  “A first time mum…loving it and keeping a smile on my face even though I’m sleep deprived lol!!!”

Secrets of a WOWMOM
Sleep is essential to keep it all ticking over, however, not every mum gets lucky with a good baby sleep pattern … so I’m trying to manage getting even rest and being able to be a wowmom! I think it’s essential to keep fit and eat healthy and do what you can to fill in for the sleep you are missing. I find a good morning run with lulu my Labrador starts the day off right even though I may have been up throughout the night. Having some help so that you can look after yourself as well as your baby is a great benefit, so take all babysitting offers! Also organising date nights with your husband and a good ole girls’ brunch is essential, so finding a good babysitter is a great achievement.

What inspires me
I am inspired by other wowmoms, and I am also inspired by the lovely hearty laugh my son has when we play.

My sanity saviour (tips & time savers)
Enough sleep is the key factor to keeping things rocking…I have a gorgeous baby that doesn’t think sleep is that important for his mummy! So being up every night throughout the night and being up during the day takes its toll. People say I should nap when the baby naps but then nothing would get done and I have commitments. So to try and remedy the situation and help with keeping my energy levels up I work out every morning for 30 mins -1 hour. I try and eat healthy with fresh foods, staying away from the processed foods that can add to fatigue. Coffee is my bff in the morning but I try not to go for a cup after 3pm otherwise I won’t be able to sleep for the few hours that night. I do make sure I organise time out with my husband and friends to keep me in touch with the outside world, love to get all dressed up and feel alive!

My best WOWMOM advice
Don’t forget about YOU! 

My not-so WOW moment
Maybe the little baby puking incidents when you are out and about… lol.

Keeping it WOW (how not to lose yourself)
Organising some daytime help is a godsend if you can. It’s important to try and still find some time to make yourself feel great and keep up the little beauty secrets you did before baby arrived. So schedule your manicure and pedicure. Book your salon appointment for a relaxing blowdry. Looking after your skin after having a baby is important as your hormone levels are getting back to normal, so I schedule facials which are relaxing and beneficial. Keeping fit is a great and essential part of my life. It makes me feel great about myself and gives me more energy, so I make sure to stick to a routine with my trainer and also go running every morning with lulu my Labrador. Having help though is a luxury and you must spend the time wisely, whether it’s allowing you to nap since you were up all night, getting commitments done, groceries, beauty treatments…

Favourite MOMent of the day
In the morning when I go in to see George and he looks up at me with his sleepy eyes and beaming smile.

Does balance exist?
Maybe with a lot of resources…Balance can exist with some daytime help so that you can achieve your routine, but the fine line is there for making sure you devote enough time to your baby and not feel guilty. You have to be happy with your decisions for being able to look after YOU and spending enough time with your baby. When you are with your baby though make it all about them.

My guardian angel
…erm coffee right now! Maybe google when I have an issue as I’m a first time mum! Also a phone line to my Mum and Sister in Ireland!

The last time I laughed out loud
Every day I hear George laugh his head off it makes me crack up, he has a hearty hysterical laugh.

Words Of Wisdom (Mom’s message to My Kids)
Be happy, be kind and be yourself.

Fave things, places and sanity savers for WOWMOMS!

1.  Coffee: gets the day to wake up and start.

2.  Great work out music downloaded to my iPod: gives me that kick start for a great run.

3.  My weekly MAX LED facial at Bella Clinique: makes me feel great as my skin glows after.

4.  My comfy & bright lululemon workout clothes for running around and playtime.

5. Bath time with George: a fun event for everyone.

6.  Baby Einstein Fish TV! George loves to watch it and the music puts him to sleep!

7.  My iPhone so we can send Daddy photos and video every day when he is at work.

8.  A trip to the salon for a blowdry!! Yummy Mummy here we come!

9. Diane Von Furstenberg! As I’m getting back into shape I find the designers’ styles are loose fitting, but yet stylish and sexy.


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