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As moms, we strive to do it all and have everything picture perfect. In reality, that’s rarely the case and most of us are just trying to get through each day with some sanity. Juggling a never-ending list of “things to do” is tough work!

Life is about continually learning and improving, so we welcome a chance to improve our mommy ways with some tips from the experts. I consulted with WowMom Sonia Zarbatany, who not only is a VP at a fashion company but is also a part-time life coach!  If anyone knows about juggling and life balance, it must be a life-coaching working mom like Sonia!  Here are 5 fabulous WowTips that she has to share with us…


Sonia Zarbatany

Sonia Zarbatany, Life Coach

1. Even Batman has a sidekick… superheroes can’t do it all alone so moms shouldn’t have to either. Whether it’s a nanny or mother-in-law, if they offer to give you a hand with the housework or taking care of the little one, embrace the help.

2. Set expectations with your employer or employees before getting back to work and set boundaries on your non-negotiables. i.e. leaving work at 5 to pick up your kids at daycare or if longer hours are needed at work, you will be working from home.

3. Plan for tomorrow tonight. Before going to bed make sure the lunches are made, clothes are out for both of you and the baby bag is ready. Plan your activities and schedule for tomorrow the night before so when you wake up, your game plan is set and you are ready to take on your day!

4. Leave home at home and work at work… Come to work with a smile and ready to get the job done no matter the sleepless night you just had or the hectic morning with the kids. And when you step in the house leave the emails, iPhone and business calls to the next morning or when the kids are in bed. They deserve their WowMom!

5. Daddy needs a playdate too!  When your day is divided with work, kids, bath, breastfeeding and a little you time… it doesn’t leave much time for daddy or husband time. Make sure to make it a priority so daddy can enjoy both the kids and you. The early morning cuddles and bonding time with daddy and the kids are priceless. As well as the amazing date nights, glasses of wine or great dinners together where the kids are not the only topic of conversation.



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