Julie Mercier

Julie Mercier with son, Nathaniel

Owner, Spa Espace Nomad

I am the mother of a super sweet wise young man named Nathaniel, 15 yrs old. I was a very young mom. His main interests are computer programming and rock climbing. He is a cute nerd. We climb together…he just can’t get enough kicking my butt at it!

Secrets of a WOWMOM
There is no secret! For me I just try to keep the connection always with my kid…and with a teenager this is not always easy but lies in the small details. Like listening 🙂 .

What inspires me
People who get back on there feet, who take challenges with both hands and mostly a full heart.

My sanity saviour (tips & time savers)
My bathtub. Nothing between me and my daily hot tub.

My best WOWMOM advice
Because whole life is so fast, no time for compromising especially time with the ones you love.

My WOW moment
Travelling, surfing, spending my time outside.

My not-so WOW moment
Allowing stress to get to me.

Keeping it WOW (how not to lose yourself)
Keep positives mantras rolling in my head.  Breathing and being aware that I am!

Favourite MOMent of the day
Dinner with my family and bathtub time.

Does balance exist?
Yes, but you need to readjust to keep the balance so it’s more about adaptation really. Balance is an ever changing state.

My guardian angel
My boy.

The last time I laughed out loud

Words Of Wisdom (Mom’s message to My Kids)
Just go for it but do it with your whole heart!

Fave things, places and sanity savers for WOWMOMS!

1.  Massages!!!

2.  Rock climbing indoor outdoor 🙂 .

3.  Surfing in Costa Rica.

4.  Coffee.

5. Lufa Farms.

6.  Hornby Island.

7.  A good night sleep.

8.  My amazing friends!

** WowMom Note: don’t forget to check out WomMompreneur Julie’s incredible spa, Espace Nomad. 


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