“Why would you want to sleep outside when you have a house?!?” That’s my mom. That’s the mentality I grew up with…so how am I supposed to go from my sheltered existence to roughing it in the woods? Won’t bears eat me? As much as I laughed while watching Jessica Simpson camping with her Louis Vuitton bag (remember her reality show back in the day?), I know I’m not any better.

As I want my kids to experience everything, I decided we will go camping!!! My husband responded to my naive enthusiasm with, “you will not survive.” Just because I refuse to stay at hotels with ugly floral bedspreads doesn’t mean I can’t survive camping right?!? (insert sounds of crickets). Okay, maybe I wouldn’t survive but I was at least willing to taking the first baby step: GLAMPING!

For those who are not familiar with glamping, it’s camping with a touch of glam (or maybe a bit more than a touch) for newbies and high-maintenance folks like me. It’s a user-friendly option with lots of amenities so you get the best of both worlds. This option also increases my probability of survival.

As I googled, “glamping” I found an array of cool options: Ohhhhh….a treehouse (no, toddler may fall out of tree, not good), a hobbit-like dwelling (ummm, not a fan of Lord of the Rings sorry!) and even a big see-through plastic bubble tent (great, now the bears can SEE me before they EAT me). Then I saw it…this modular modern cabin with floor to ceiling windows!!! The angels began to sing. The sun peered through the clouds. This was our glamping solution.


I discovered that EXP cabins are found throughout Quebec, designed for a 2 person occupancy. Luckily I found a few made for 4, perfect for our little family. The cabins come equipped with many amenities including heating, electricity and running water. There’s a mini kitchen with stove and sink, a bathroom complete with shower, a fireplace and even beds. As it’s not a hotel, we have to bring our own sheets, towels and food, but I justified that it still counts as camping since there was no Wi-Fi and no TVs. Hey, living without cellphone reception IS my version of roughing it!


glamping roomglamping bedsglamping expUpon arrival, it was just as we pictured it. The cabin was minimalist and modern, hidden away from the world.  It had everything we needed and I could literally move-in if you added a walk-in closet and Wi-Fi.



By day we hiked in the woods, skipped stones in the stream and biked up the mountain. We also enjoyed lazy naps in our hammock, playing board games  and just quiet time reading and colouring.


glampingDesigned so we could focus on the beauty of the nature, the outdoor area was set up with a picnic table, Adirondack chairs and a fire pit. We cooked lunch on the open flame but mostly enjoyed making s’mores.

When we didn’t feel like feeding the mosquitoes, we had the option to retreat indoors. Yes, it’s not true camping but it felt wonderful to cook a nice dinner on the stove while being nestled in the woods. Also after a long sticky day outdoors, the hot shower felt amazing, not to mention snuggling into bed with our clean sheets. With an abundance of windows we could breathe in the fresh air, all while being protected from all little critters buzzing around. Yes, my kind of camping indeed.


glampingOur little family enjoyed (and survived) our first glamping experience. Am I now ready to cut some of those luxuries and try real camping? Hell no. Although I may have the right intentions, I have to admit that I would not have enjoyed real camping. Bugs, darkness, not knowing where to pee, potential unwanted visitors, feeling sticky…just not up my alley and I’m okay with accepting that. So kids, let me know what real camping is like when you grow up and experience it on your own. For now, glamping is the best that this momma can offer you.


Glamping – Lac Megantic, Quebec – Summer 2015. Yes, this was LAST summer and it took me a whole year to post. Better late than never…

*  For more about the EXP cabins and our glamping experience, please watch our first-ever video, featuring my munchkins (no budget for actors = child labour).

For more details, click this link


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